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International Fashion Business Fair

Focused on commercial interaction between exhibiting companies and
National and international fashion buyers and presentation of
Fashion designers.

This new concept focused on domestic production, thus contributing to
with the Executive to promote the textile sector and the micro industries of
as well as the production of clothing, footwear, accessories and
Other fashion items.

Giving young creators the opportunity to develop their
creative ideas, opening up the trading market, thus generating more
job for our community.

The project envisages establishing a privileged space for the promotion of
Textile industry \ Fashion, successful, professionalism and recognition
launching new talent in the sector and creating partnerships with
International Stylists, public and private entities that come to
collaborate technically and institutionally for the success of this event.

It was created in order to present to the international market a
new proposal where we offer quality pieces with design
differentiated and fashion information.

Angolan brands, as well as diaspora residents, will have the
possibility of having contact with various identities that might
meet your interests.

This will be a great opportunity for every Angolan.

We aim to create an exchange bridge between artists and
Angolan agents in a way that is satisfactory to both

It is in our interest to support our Artists in order to expand the
growth of the Fashion and Art market in Angola.

AO International Trade Show!

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Este espaço é para tirar dúvidas referente a feira de moda. Estão abertas as inscrições para AO International Trade Show, desta forma convidamos e consideramos imprescindível a vossa participação como Expositores. Algumas perguntas frequentes abaixo.

  • Como posso adquirir um stand no evento ?
    Entre em contato pelo email
  • Posso participar da feira como patrocinador?
    Sim! Para patrocionar o evento envie um email para
  • Como faço para participar das palestras e workshops?
    Envie um email para
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